The Holy Souls in Purgatory…Why do Catholics pray for them?

Today marks my Dad’s death. February 18th, 2013. Gosh, I can't believe it's already been 3 years! I pray for my Dad’s soul everyday. My Protestants friends ask me why? Why do Catholics pray for them? ”we’re not suppose to pray for the dead, there is no purgatory.” ...I’ve been told by my non-catholic friends. We are … Continue reading The Holy Souls in Purgatory…Why do Catholics pray for them?

How’s Your Prayer Life?

How's Your Prayer Life? Have you ever struggled with your prayer life? ME TOO! So like me, you’re either struggling right now with your prayer life or you’ve struggled in the past. Sometimes I struggle so much it drives me crazy! So here are a few tips to help stay on track with your prayer life. HOLY CARDS! … Continue reading How’s Your Prayer Life?

The Catholic Secret Weapon!

Did you know Catholics have a secret weapon against the devil? Well….I don’t think it’s a big secret any more but some people just don’t realize the POWER in it! AND that’s the ROSARY! There’s so much power in praying the rosary. I carry one at all times with me…I have one in my purse, briefcase, … Continue reading The Catholic Secret Weapon!

The Year of Mercy

I can't get enough of Pope Francis. He's real. He's fascinating. He's the common people's Pope. He's the kind of Pope I'd love to sit down to dinner with. My guess is he'd be entertaining, drinking wine, and telling jokes. As ordinary of a man he appears to be, he's already made some pretty extraordinary events. His travel to the USA and his Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy beginning Dec. 8, 2015 through November 20, 2016.