How to Cultivate the Virtue of Prudence

As we begin on Sunday entering into the 4th week of Lent, dare I ask... How's your lent going? If it's been anything like mine, a constant roller coaster ride...thrilling one minute, sick to my stomach the next. Ok..that might be a little melodramatic but I've quickly determined that fasting is much harder then it … Continue reading How to Cultivate the Virtue of Prudence

LENT. Got a Plan?

Lent season began yesterday, February 10th, on Ash Wednesday. You know most think I’m crazy, but I actually like Lent! I’m more laser focused in my prayer life, more aware of Jesus’s sacrifice and in 40 days it will be Easter! I love those marshmallow peeps! Yeah!          During Lent, we’re called to Prayer, Almsgiving … Continue reading LENT. Got a Plan?