Welcome To Eternal Life Plan!

My name is Christine Harrington

So who am I? I’m just a Catholic Irish Gal looking to serve God by giving you a glimpse into my Catholic Life and inspire you to consider your Eternal Life!

What’s this blog all about? ….If you’re Catholic my hope is I can help you strengthen your faith and inspire you to create your personal Eternal Life Plan.

If your not Catholic, perhaps I can help you better understand us Catholics and inspire you too!

Why Eternal Life Plan?

Here’s how it came about…I was planning my work week one Sunday night with my planner and the Holy Spirit inspired me with a message….

You plan your work week better than you plan your Eternal Life.

The Holy Spirit was definitely trying to tell me something! It occurred to me that I didn’t have a plan for my eternal life and I bet others have neglected their eternal life plan too! Let’s face it, we plan our vacations better than we plan our life…that is our life that will last FOREVER!

So I was inspired to create this blog, a Youtube Channel, and Twitter account to help us get to heaven WITH A PLAN..God’s Plan!

So Subscribe because I’ll be posting once a week. You never know what you’ll find me doing for God and you to get us to heaven!

Stay Tuned and Watch my Welcome Video!

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