Abortion Spiritual Healing


The abortion spiritual healing journey can be achieved through the mercy of Jesus. I’d like to share mine with you.

My spiritual healing began in 2008 from wounds so deep from two abortions, I thought I couldn’t continue to live. I kept my secret and shame hidden for over 25 years. It ate at my soul, my heart and my mind, one painful day at a time, until I discovered a Rachel Vineyard Retreat from my parish Priest. The beginning of my spiritual healing I received from Jesus during the retreat was nothing short of miraculous. You can read about it in this article I wrote for the Criterion, a Catholic Diocese newspaper. Click here. And another article was written about my testimony..click here.

Since then, I’ve worked with many post-abortive women as a facilitator of Rachel Vineyard Retreats and outside of the retreats, to help them spiritually heal from the pain, grief, shame and agony of abortion. I’d like to show you how to heal through Jesus’s mercy. I’m not a therapist. I’m not a medical doctor. I’m not a religious or theologian. I’m only a servant of God who has been called to help women and men heal from the damaging effects of abortion.

Many times post-abortive men and women undergo an emotional shift and a spiritual disconnect after an abortion. Many times this emotional shift and spiritual disconnect lies hidden for years, right underneath the surface of the consciousness. Emotional problems begin to surface. Self destructive habits begin to form, overeating, promiscuity, sexual addiction, alcoholism, drug addictions, anger issues, depression, suicidal urges. To see the list of all the symptoms click here.

Often the connection is never made that the abortion could be the root cause. The abortion connection is not made by the post-abortive woman and it’s rarely asked about in therapy sessions. If the therapist does ask, the post abortive woman usually denies it out of shame.

If you have any of these symptoms you are suffering from Post-Abortion Trauma. AND the good news is…through Jesus’s mercy, you can experience healing, wholeness and joy once again.  

If you’d like to schedule a time to talk, I’d welcome the chance to help you or at the very least, answer your questions. Just complete the contact form below. And know….all your personal information is kept strictly confidential. As a matter of fact, you can be anonymous if you prefer by just stating “anonymous” in the “Name” field of the contact form.

God wants to heal you. He wants you whole, healthy, and shinning brightly in the fullness of love. Your child in heaven wants this for you too, because your child loves YOU! 

Isaiah 6: 8 

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?” “Here I am, ” I said. “send me!”

This is the scripture passage I woke up to on February 17th. And I knew exactly where God was sending me….He was sending me to speak on behalf of all abortion babies in Heaven who are watching their mother’s suffer on earth. I’m here to give YOU a special message.