Lent 2019

Where do I begin? It’s been so long since my last post.

And I said something similar two weeks ago in confession…” it’s been so long since my last confession”.


Why does it take so long to look yourself in the mirror, get straight with God and go do what you know you need to do?

You know walking into that confessional you’ll be forgiven. Yet..why do we put it off?

For me, it’s the sheer humiliation of admitting (out loud to someone else) the things that offend God. So I put it off. I play this game in my mind that the sins aren’t that bad. I can wait until next week.

And then I read this….” with death the possibility of repentance ends”.

That sure snaps you back into reality.

Here’s a sequel quote…”When you go to Mass every Sunday, this shows God you’re consecrated to him.”

Please forgive me, but I believe both of these came from Father Mark Goring. I listen to lots of YouTube videos and podcasts but often times I jot notes and don’t jot the sources. I know..I should..and will be moving forward.

With Lent coming up tomorrow, March 6th, 2019…this is a time for all of us to get our act together..ok..I’ll just speak for me…I need to get my act together!

Decide your plan today…not tomorrow when Lent begins. Here’s a helpful video by Dr. Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon. It’s called

Fast for Pope Francis: Make Lent Penitential Again!

View it here.

In this video, Dr. Marshall gives a thorough examination of Lent practices before and after Vatican II. The Lenten practice by most Catholics today is pretty lame. And if you’re honest with yourself, yours has been pretty lame too. My Lent last year was downright pitiful.

Dr. Marshall puts a whole new light on Lent and sacrifice. So be sure to watch it before tomorrow.

Dr. Marshall also suggests we offer Lent to Pope Francis. You all know the state of the Church! Let’s be sure and pray often for the Pope and all Bishops and Priests during Lent. The Church needs cleansing!

Here are my Lent Sacrifices for 2019

  • First meal at 3:00 PM (every day through lent)
  • REAL Fast on Wednesday and Friday (1 small snack of bread and water only)
  • No Meat (every day through lent)
  • Daily Rosary

This is going to be tough. Lent is supposed to be tough. That’s why it calls for sacrifices.

But what we sacrifice during Lent is nothing compared to Our Lord’s. Let’s keep it in perspective folks! Surely, for Jesus, we can forgo that expensive Venti Caramel Macchiato Latte for 46 days. Besides, think of the money you’ll save. You can put that savings into the almsgiving basket each week!

If you have ideas that are different for Lent, share them in the comment section below. I’d love to read them!

God Bless!




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