Crisis in the Catholic Church

If you’re like me I bet your head is spinning over the crisis in the Catholic Church. Has it put a damper on your Christmas season? It sure has for me.


I’m saddened that the selfishness of the Lifestyle of Rich and Famous Cardinals and Bishops is taking a toll on the birth of Jesus.

AND taking a toll on all the abuse victims at the hand of evil clerics and those that protect them.

I will not refer to them as priests or Father or Your Eminence.

They don’t deserve such titles.

The likes of McCarrick, Tobin, Wuerl, Cupich, Malone and many many more serve not Jesus, not the laity but their self-serving interests…power, and money. The god of their choice.

My guess is they stopped believing in God long ago. Their actions certainly indicate that.

As a good, faithful Catholic how can you protect yourself from falling into satan’s trap of resentment, disdain, repulse, and anger?

I think all of those emotions are good to have towards the Church Leadership. Let’s face it…the leadership of the Church is leading innocent people down the path of their god. When was the last time you heard a Bishop speak against living a homosexual lifestyle? When was the last time you heard a diocesan priest speak against men and women living together outside of marriage?

It’s rare.

Generalizing that ALL clergy is the same and using the crisis in the Catholic Church as your excuse to stop practicing your faith or leaving the Church, then your resentment disdain, repulse, and anger is walking right into the plan of satan.

There are still good priests and bishops among us. I’ll admit the number is few but priests like Father John Hollowell, Father Mike Schmitz. Bishops like Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas, Auxillary Bishop Robert Barron, are a few I follow that get it.

This Christmas season, find the priests that can be your guidepost and strength. Priests that deserve the title “Father”.

AND keep your eyes on Jesus, Mary, the Holy Spirit, God, and all the Saints.

Pray for the clergy that has fallen, living in sin, and are doing evil acts against innocent people. That’s what Jesus would do and if he reached out to help them but they refused Him, Jesus would let them go. He offered salvation, but never insisted on acceptance.

If you want a clearer picture of the crisis in the Catholic Church, let me recommend Dr. Taylor Marshall’s podcast and YouTube channel. He by far has the most informative timeline of how the crisis of the Catholic Church unfolded.

Another channel I watch is Church Militant. Michael Voris continues to chisel away the facade of the Bishops and Cardinals to expose their evilness.

The Catholic Church will survive. It may very well be a smaller version of what we know now, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s become another corporation with its political games while not caring a wit about the lives that are ruined.

I’m not quitting the Church and I hope you won’t either. The Catholic Church needs the good and faithful Catholics to carry the burden like Jesus carries ours. If you can’t do it for the survival of the Catholic Church, then do it out of love for Jesus.

What better gift to give Jesus during His Christmas season.

2 thoughts on “Crisis in the Catholic Church

  1. Very informative article, Christine. It causes me to recall how the nuns in grade school used to say that life is God’s gift to us, and how we live our lives is our gift to Him. So I think you nailed it, that we all must do our part to be and evangelize a holy church.

    Here at the link is a prayer for priests put out by the apostolate I co-founded, and written by Chicago auxiliary Bishop Joseph Perry.


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