The Flame of Love Devotion

Last week, our Archdiocese of Indianapolis, had their kickoff of 40 Days for Life, which I was invited to share my abortion testimonial.

My day started out with a bang…literally!

As I was headed out the door to leave for the 40 Days for Life kickoff, I stepped onto the porch, and down I fell! I didn’t realize what appeared to be water on the porch was a sheet of ice!

The fun part was trying to get up! LOL! If someone had taken a video, I’m certain it would go viral on Youtube!

Here I was trying every way possible to get up but my feet kept slipping out from under me. Finally, after falling over and over again..I had the bright idea to take my shoes off so I could get traction!

That worked and now I was a mess!

Back into the house I went, to change my clothes, coat and SHOES!

I did make it to 40 Days for Life on time, looking presentable and as calm as I could muster up!

After the kickoff, a fellow parishioner came up to me and asked if I would be interested in participating in a prayer group centered around the devotion, Flame of Love.

I’d never heard of that devotion!  So I promised her I’d look it up.

The devotion touched my heart, and I now want to share it with you! Maybe you’ve heard about it…I hope so! It’s new to me.

This video is about the Flame of Love devotion, and one other announcement about our next Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat.

Will you pray this devotion with me? After the recent Florida school shooting, (God bless their souls) this devotion is timely.

satan wants nothing more than to continue the violence. Jesus said the Flame of Love Unity prayer will blind satan. Let’s all pray and blind satan and all his evil.

God Bless!

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