God’s Inspiration Comes From Many Places

How many times have you waited for God’s answer to your prayers? Are you under the illusion that God’s answer should be found in your head or heart? Often times my Catholic friends will opine …

I didn’t sense God’s answer when I was praying.


My heart didn’t speak, so it must not be God’s will.

I wish I could remember who said it. My mind escapes me right now when I need it! But this person said….

God ALWAYS answers our prayers.

The answer may not come in the form you’re expecting, such as a moment of complete clarity about a problem or issue you’re praying about.

Often times God presents his answer in subtle ways. Through a person you meet, a blog post you read, or something as simple as looking up into the sky and suddenly seeing God’s inspiration.

I know such a person who sees God in the subtle things in life. Who can grasp answers from God by shooting a simple photograph.

His name is Frank Casella. And he helps people grapple with God’s answers through his gift of photography. You can see his artistry by clicking here 

Maybe the reason God isn’t so direct with his answers so you’ll be open to all his ways and beauty of inspiration. When I look back on answered prayers it’s humbling to see all the different encounters God has let himself be known to me.

When you’re busy just getting through your day, or are too focused on God answering through your preferred method of communication, He’s quietly suggesting, you’re missing out…minimizing God’s majesty. 

Look around. God’s presence is everywhere. The cat you’re petting. The creative words you’re writing. The client you just helped by being kind, authentic and genuinely caring. The photograph you snapped, because God inspired you to capture his creation for the purpose of helping another who will see it.

Frank’s photographies are another way God may speak to you. Check out his site here.

God Bless


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