Miracle on June 13th, 1992

What once started as a dull pain began to increase in intensity with every agonizing minute. The sharpness would stab at me relentlessly, then subside only to stab harder again and again.

It had been 26 hours. The doctors gathered outside my hospital room hoping I couldn’t hear their hushed tone. After a long discussion, the head nurse prepared me for the news.

“The doctors are recommending a c-section…immediately.”

At that announcement, she began moving my bed.

Honestly, what happened after that seemed like a slow moving dream.

‘There are risks’, I heard. “The baby’s heart beat is becoming faint. We can’t wait.” someone said. ‘Her blood pressure is too high’ came a comment. ‘Give her an IV of magnesium now’ a man shouted.

The anesthesiologist asked me to count backwards from 10, I don’t remember saying the number eight.

Looking down at the scene unfolding before my eyes, I thought it was a movie. However, looking again, I realized the woman on the operating table was me. I felt nothing. Just a stillness.

And then in a flash, it was all dark. Nothingness. My eyes kept blinking trying to adjust my eyesight to see something…anything. But every direction I turned I saw blackness. Panic began to control me. I desperately tried to see my hands, my arms, my feet….nothingness. All I could see was black, empty, nothingness.

Despair sank into my soul and I cried out..

“Please God, help me. Please God, am I dead. Am I in hell? Please God, help me”

A slight speck of light pierced the darkness. I can’t say I began walking towards the light, it was more like moving towards it. The closer I got, the anxiety lessened, and the feelings of love began to wash over me. The warmth of the light filled me with love and joy with such intensity of which I had never felt before.

Looking directly into the light did not burn my eyes nor did I have the need to shield my eyes from the strong rays. It was as if the light permeated every living thing.

Two beings, souls, Angels, (I can’t say what they were. I believe they were Angels) told me I had a choice to make. I knew the Angels were good, because of the goodness that exuded from their being. I ‘felt” their goodness.

My choice…I could stay or go back.

It was a torturous choice. You may be asking yourself, ‘how could it be a hard choice when there’s a baby involved?’

And I agree. The feelings of love and joy I experienced were so magnified it was hard to imagine leaving that behind. I felt completely free from physical, emotional and psychological pain. For the first time in my life, I felt completely free…free from judgement, criticism, pain, heartache, sorry, sadness, anxiety, guilt and despair. All I could feel was overwhelming love, acceptance and joy.

The Angels said it was time for me to make a decision. Oh, I struggled with the decision. I asked them what would happen to my baby if I stayed. They both said, not to worry. He would be fine and live a good life.

There was no judgement good or bad with either decision, but the choice was mine to make.

I chose to go back. It was too much to imagine leaving my baby behind. The thought of all the pain rushing back into my body happened all at once, while I woke up. The pain in my body made me gasp for air. Being completely free of any physical body one second then slammed back into a confined body  racked with pain was shocking to say the least.

To my further shock…it was 4 days later!

My mother said I was in a coma. The doctors said that I was “out of it” for 4 days. I have no idea what happened, what went wrong, but I do know, what I experienced was REAL.

My baby Luke, I was told by the NeoNatal Doctor, was on life support and had a 50% chance of surviving. They asked if I wanted a minister to come by. Sensing that Luke may not survive, I said yes.

Because my condition was not stable, I was unable to see baby Luke. The nurses had taken a polaroid picture of him and taped it to my bed rails. It was heartbreaking to see his little face with an oxygen mask and breathing tube.

The minister came and we prayed. My prayers were between sobs. It may have sounded like I was bargaining with God but I would have rather died myself so Luke could be spared. And then I started to slowly remember the heavenly experience of being given a choice. So my prayers turned to pleas, begging God to save Luke, My promise in return was to raise Luke knowing God.

24 hours had passed. The neonatal doctor told me the news. She couldn’t explain it, but Luke was fully recovered, off the ventilator, breathing on his own, and out of the woods. I knew what happened. God saved baby Luke!

Now 25 years later, I’m sharing with you, the miracle on June 13th, 1992.

Do not doubt miracles.

Do not stop praying.

Prayers are powerful and miracles happen daily.

My son knows God and we have both shared other spiritual and supernatural acts of Gods. Why us? Why did God answer our prayers?  I can’t answer that. I can only say what I have learned.

My Near Death Experience taught me:

  • Physical pain is a reminder of the confinement of our physical self. There’s so much more waiting for us in Eternal Life. I saw a glimpse of it and felt the immenseness of God’s love.
  • Jesus suffered a cruel and torturous death for you and me. My physical pain and discomfort pales in comparison. My pain is a reminder of the immense pain Jesus endured for our souls.
  • There IS Eternal Life and we must work towards Heaven every day.
  • We all have a choice. Some will get the choice to return. Some will choose Heaven or even hell.
  • God is Love. God is in everything and everybody.
  • Love and Joy are one in the same.
  • We are here to help each other live our Eternal Life with God.
  • God does allow miracles, And God does answer prayers,
  • Jesus is the Way, the Light, and the Truth
  • Always say this prayer…”Come Holy Spirit in the Name of Jesus.”

Do you have a miracle story you can share? I’d love to read yours.

And here’s a video about the Miracle On June 13th, 1992. Will you share this with someone the Holy Spirit is pressing upon your heart?

God Bless! (picture of my Dad holding Luke when he was 6 months old and Luke now!)

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