2016 Indiana Catholic Women’s Conference

If you have not attended a Catholic Women’s Conference, let me encourage you to do so! This year I attended representing the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, ProLife office. It was such a beautiful conference, with beautiful women coming together to celebrate “Treasuring Womanhood-Hope and Mercy”.

Each year, priests generously give their time to hear confession and celebrate Mass with us during the conference. Over 500 women attended and let me tell you…we kept the priests busy!

The keynote speaker that everyone anxiously awaited was Father James Blount. He is a priest of The Society of Our Lady of The Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) with a very special message and teachings of the Holy Spirit. Father stayed after the conference concluded for a healing service which lasted over 6 hours! The special gift Father has is hands on healing, and direct messages from Jesus. There were many miracles that happen during the conference and even more during the healing service.

This was my first exposure to Father Blount, and I must admit, I was blown away. When he was speaking, my ears were riveted on his every word. It was as if the Holy Spirit was speaking through him.

During the healing service, the air in the room was cool and crisp. Over 200 women waited quietly and prayerfully, hopeful to be touched, and healed by Jesus through Father Blount. Many received a specific message from Jesus, including me.

When it was my turn, the time was 9:46 PM. I tell you this, because the conference began at 8:30 am. Another 60 plus women were waiting patiently, after me, for their special healing. Father Blount worked steadily without much of a break into the night.

Father blessed me by making a sign of the cross on my forehead with blessed Holy oil. He prayed over me then leaned into my ear to whisper the message Jesus gave him for me. I’m not sure if I didn’t quite understand the message or didn’t hear it correctly, because Father could tell by the look on my face, I was stunned. So he explain the message further. And I was still stunned!

Given the privacy of the message, I’m not going to share it at this time. I will say, In my wildest dreams, I never would have guessed Jesus would tell me this! All my anxieties, fears and worries completely vanished. Praise Jesus!

If you ever have the opportunity to hear Father Blount, or attend one of his healing services, I’d say GO…NO…RUN to it!! You will see Jesus working directly through Father Blount!!

I invite you to watch this short video I made on the Highlights of the conference and Yes! Father Blount is one of the HighLights!!

The Prayer Father Blount references in the video is this:

“Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, Save Us and the Whole World.” (Pray 500 times a day) 

Untitled design (11)

Do you have a healing story you can share? Please tell the community in the comments below! God Bless!

Christine (14)


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