LENT. Got a Plan?

Lent season began yesterday, February 10th, on Ash Wednesday. You know most think I’m crazy, but I actually like Lent!

I’m more laser focused in my prayer life, more aware of Jesus’s sacrifice and in 40 days it will be Easter! I love those marshmallow peeps! Yeah! yellow chicks





During Lent, we’re called to Prayer, Almsgiving and Fasting. AND we’re called to strive to live like Saints.

So what does that look like?

I have a friend who always gives up coffee during lent…you know the high priced double shot expresso, soy, caramel latte with no whip.

Another friend goes to daily Mass during Lent.

The question to ask yourself is…. for YOUR Eternal Life Plan, will giving up a double shot expresso, soy, caramel latte with no whip get you to heaven. (Although I sure hope they have a Starbucks in Heaven!)

Or will 15 minutes of dedicated prayer each day pave a quicker road for your Eternal Life?

Here are a few things I’ll be doing this Lent. I only share this so it might inspire you and give you additional ideas of what you can do, other than the usual!

This Lent, I plan to pray a rosary each day for the poor souls in purgatory. The poor souls have been my prayer devotion for quite some time. I guess I figured I’ll end up there, so I better start trying to help the other souls!

AND I also read a Lenten devotional, usually, I sign up for Bishop Robert Barron’s Daily Lenten Devotional. You can find it at his website, by clicking here.

Bishop Barron suggests that during these next 40 days while in the desert of Lent, confront you weaknesses because the desert represents stripping away your attachments so as to make the fundamental things appear. It makes everything basic, necessary and simple. See what comes up during your time in the desert!

Father Mike Schmitz in this video…..

Prepares us for Ash Wednesday and what that means for each of us. He beautifully illustrates that the cross of ashes on our forehead means…God chooses YOU! Let that sink in….When the priest makes the sign of the cross on your forehead with the ashes…God is saying…I CHOOSE YOU! Jesus chooses your sins, your humanness, and all that you are…God Chooses each one of us!

Another part of my Lenten practice includes reading a book written by a Catholic thought leader. AND it’s a toss up this Lent. I can’t decide whether I want to read Scott Hahn’s The Lamb’s Supper or Pope Francis’s The Name of God is Mercy. Actually, I’ll probably end up reading both!

Whatever you decide to do during Lent, keep your Eternal Life Plan in mind. Give it some serious thought. Don’t fall back on the usual, giving up the double shot expresso, soy, caramel latte with no whip. Challenge yourself this Lent, and make a decision based on your Eternal Life!

If you’ve already decided what you will be giving up during lent, will you leave it in the comments below. And if you found this article to be valuable, will you share it with a few of your friends.

Remember, this life is temporary, your Eternal Life is forever! Got a Plan?

Watch my companion video below!

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