Crisis in the Catholic Church

If you're like me I bet your head is spinning over the crisis in the Catholic Church. Has it put a damper on your Christmas season? It sure has for me. Why? I'm saddened that the selfishness of the Lifestyle of Rich and Famous Cardinals and Bishops is taking a toll on the birth of … Continue reading Crisis in the Catholic Church

Movie Review of Paul, The Apostle of Christ

On Wednesday, I played hooky from work (I can do that I own my own business!) for a few hours to see "Paul, the Apostle of Christ" Movie.  Now, I'm not as eloquent as Bishop Robert Barron's movie reviews! As a matter of fact, when you watch my Movie Review video, you'll see how I … Continue reading Movie Review of Paul, The Apostle of Christ

Please Pray for the Retreatants This Weekend

Peace Everyone! This weekend, another Rachel's Vineyard retreat is being kicked off this evening in Indiana. We have 6 amazing people who have found the courage to step into the healing they deserve. As a co-facilitator, I'm asking for prayers. Usually, the devil is busy at work against everyone who attends the Rachel Vineyard retreats. … Continue reading Please Pray for the Retreatants This Weekend

The Flame of Love Devotion

Flame of Love Devotion

Last week, our Archdiocese of Indianapolis, had their kickoff of 40 Days for Life, which I was invited to share my abortion testimonial. My day started out with a bang...literally! As I was headed out the door to leave for the 40 Days for Life kickoff, I stepped onto the porch, and down I fell! … Continue reading The Flame of Love Devotion

God’s Inspiration Comes From Many Places

God's INpsiration

How many times have you waited for God's answer to your prayers? Are you under the illusion that God's answer should be found in your head or heart? Often times my Catholic friends will opine ... I didn't sense God's answer when I was praying. or My heart didn't speak, so it must not be God's … Continue reading God’s Inspiration Comes From Many Places

A Glimpse into my Bibles and Books!

My Bibles and Books Take a look at my latest Youtube video! In this video you'll get a glimpse into the Catholic books I read, along with my collection of Bibles! There are several books I highly recommend you read. One is Father Calloway's Champions of the Rosary. My book collection includes author Scott Hahn, Merton, St. Ignatius … Continue reading A Glimpse into my Bibles and Books!